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Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2016 Examination
Course: Business Communication & Etiquette
1. There are certain legal responsibilities to be kept in mind while writing any business document. Please write some handy tips about care to be taken regarding the legal responsibilities for Mr. Yovanna as he is the new head of the center for a training institute in the city. (10 Marks)
2. Rakesh is preparing for a presentation in his college about his experience of participating in an international conference. Give him some tips for making his presentation effective and help him with some examples for explaining the effects of wrong body language (10 Marks)
3. Read the case study carefully and answer the questions. (10 Marks)
Facts: - Girija is a newly joined campus recruit in the sales department of an multinational company. Girija s boss asked her to develop a persuasive message for attending a presentation about the newly acquired sales projects to the office staff. She has no previous experience of writing such message to real audience .
a. Help Girija with three-steps writing process for developing a persuasive message. (5 Marks)
b. How can Girija make her request clear and positive in the letter ? (5 Marks)

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Course: Business Economics
1. Long run cost structure of a firm is influenced by many factors, some of which are beyond the control of a manager of firm. Discuss why the long run average cost curve is U-shaped by bringing about the importance of scale economies and diseconomies. (10 Marks)
2. Perfect competition and monopoly are two extremes of market structure. Evaluate the statement by analyzing contrasting features and equilibrium price and quantity determination process under these two types of market. Illustrate your discussion with the help of real world examples. (10 Marks)
3a. Other things remaining the same, what would happen to the supply of a commodity if the following changes occur? Illustrate your answers with the help of diagram. (5 marks)
1. The price of commodity decreases.
2. A technological breakthrough helps in producing a commodity at a cheaper cost.
3. Price of inputs to produce that commodity increases.
4. Price of substitute increases.
5. Manager of the product expects the price of that product to rise in future.
3 b. For the following situations, calculate elasticity of demand and comment on the answer. (5 marks)
1. When the price of commodity X was Rs. 12/-, 40 units it were demanded. When the price decreased to Rs. 6/-, 50 unit are demanded. Find price elasticity of demand and comment on the answer.
2. When the income of a consumer was Rs. 24,000/-, he was demanding 20 units of a commodity. Now his income has gone up to Rs. 24,000/- and the demand for the same product has gone down to 15 units. Calculate income elasticity of demand and comment on the answer.
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Course: Corporate Social Responsibility
1. You are a CSR head of the company which manufactures tyres for vehicles. Which voluntary codes of CSR will you get for the organization? Explain at least five voluntary codes with reasons. (10 Marks)
2. Select any listed Indian or International Public Limited Company and classify its CSR activities on triple bottom line approach basis. (10 Marks)
3. Assume you are the CEO of a company which manufactures mobile in India.
a) What CSR activities you will do that will benefit the workers in the factory. Elaborate on your answer with at least three activities. (5 Marks)
b) What are the various types of CSR activities you will undertake for Customers and Society at large? Elaborate your answer with at least two activities for each stakeholder. (5 Marks)

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Course: Information Systems for Managers
1. Consider you are the owner of a software company and a restaurant chain has approached you to develop a software for their restaurant. From the restaurant owner s perspective what are the inputs that you will provide to the software developer. As a developer what are the steps that you will undertake to develop the software to ensure its success. Elaborate on the steps in detail. (10 marks)
2. Ranpharma drugs limited is operating in the pharmaceutical industry with a number of drug formulations in the form of tablets, capsules, powder and syrup. These drugs are available to the patients on prescriptions of registered practitioners only. Besides, the company has some over the counter products that are available to any person without prescriptions. The company markets its products through a network of wholesalers, who in turn have their retailer network. The company is finding it difficult to maintain the inventory of the raw materials, stocks that it has at its disposal. The legacy standalone systems make it difficult for the systems of different departments to integrate with the other departments, as a result the systems fail to capture the real market scenario. In order to streamline its operations to achieve efficiency, the company is planning to invest in an ERP system. How would this help the company in achieving its objectives? What are the risks in implementing the same? (10 marks)
3. Zara is the flagship brand of the Spanish retail group, in Inditex, one of the superstars in the fashion retail industry in the recent years. In2005, Inditex reported 21 percent sales growth to $8.51 billion. That puts Inditex ahead of H&M, the world leading purveyor of cheap-chic apparel, which posted $7.87billion in sales. Zara has more than 1000 stores in 31 countries. The fashion industry is a special industry. The products they deal with are highly perishable, and they are susceptible to seasons- gross margin is meaningless if the product does not sell as planned. For many retailers, 35 to 40 percent of the total merchandise being sold at hefty discount is quite the norm. Zara contributes around 80 percent of group sales by concentrating on three winning formulas on which to base its fresh fashions: short-lead time, lower quantities, and more styles. With an in-house design team based in La Coruna, Spain, and a tightly controlled factory and a distribution network, the company says it can take a design from drawing board to store shelf in just two weeks. That lets Zara introduce new items every week, which keeps customers coming back again and again to check out the latest styles. With new styles being developed and introduced frequently each style would provide only around $20000-$300000 of retail sales, a far lower figure than those other retailers or brands, and certainly not cost-efficient in terms of design and product development cost. Moreover, Zara s success is all the more surprising because at least half of its factories are in Europe, where ages are many times higher than those in Asia and Africa. To maintain its quick inventory turnover, however, the company must reduce shipping time to a minimum. The fast-fashion approach also helps Zara reduce its exposure to fashion faux pas. The company produce batches of clothing in such small quantities that even if it brings out a design, that no one will buy, which happened during an unseasonably warm autumn in 2003, it can cut its losses quickly and move on to another trend. This higher cost of product development however, is obviously more than adequately compensated by higher realized margins. The result is that Zara discounts only about 18 percent of its product, which is roughly half the level of competitors. Information and communications technology is at the heart of Zara s business supply chain. Zara s quick response to the market, and its high speed from design table to store shelf are enabled through four critical information related areas.First, constant collection of information on customer needs. Trend information flows daily, and is in turn fed into the database at the company s head office. Zara outfits its store clerks with handheld computers to record sales and customer comments, and then integrates the collected data with design, manufacturing, and distribution functions. Designers check the database for these dispatches as well as daily sales numbers, using the information to create new lines and to modify existing ones. Thus, designers have access to real-time information when deciding with the commercial team on the fabric, cut, and price points of a new garment. As a result, the company can spot trends early on- a rather critical quantity in fashion relating- and adjust stock accordingly within days.The second is standardization of product information. Different or incomplete specifications and varying product information availability normally add several weeks to a typical retailer s product design and approval process. Zara, however, stored the product information with common definitions, allowing it to prepare designs quickly and accurately, with clear-cut manufacturing instructions. The third is product and inventory management. Its inventory management system is able to manage thousands of fabric and trim specifications, design specifications, and physical inventory which gives Zara s team the capability to design a garment with available stocks, rather than having to order material and wait for it to arrive. Zara s distribution management approach is its final advantage. Its state-of-the-art distribution facility functions with minimal human intervention. Approximately 200 kilometers of underground tracks move merchandize from Zara s manufacturing plants to the 400 plus chutes that ensures that each order reaches it right destination. Optical reading devices sort out and distribute more than 60,000 items of clothing an hour. Zara s merchandise does not waste time waiting for human sorting.
Source: Motiwalla, Luvai, and Jeffrey Thompson. Enterprise Systems for Management. Harlow: Pearson Education, 2014. Print.
a. Discuss the role of Zara s SCM system. Suggest how it can be improved. (5 marks)
b. Discuss the role of SCM in retail industry as mentioned in the case. (5 marks)

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Course: Management Theory and Practice
1. XYZ Co. is criticized for following Taylorism in its organization. You are appointed as a consultant by the Government to research and suggest improvements. Point out your possible findings and suggest measures to improve. (10 marks)
2. It is found that your organization is facing the problem of increasing conflicts which highlights the conflict between administrative action and cultural values. Discuss this basic conflict and suggest the measures for improvement. (10 Marks)
3. You, as an owner of a medium enterprise, have been following a paternalistic style of leadership since the inception of the company. Now that there are new employees in your company, you are finding it difficult to reconcile your attitude and their approach. Now you are considering the other leadership styles to be used to solve this problem. In this background answer the following questions.
a) Which leadership styles, you think, are relevant for being considered here? And why? (5 marks)
b) Do you think whether there is one best leadership style? If yes, which and justify your choice. (5 marks)

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Course: Organisation Behaviour
1. Every individual perceives the world in his/her own way. It is generally seen that every individual has its own idea about good/bad, right/wrong. One might find any activity to be right and other might find it wrong. The decision is based on how one perceives it. Discuss with appropriate examples what perception is and what are the factors influencing the same (Perception) (10 Marks)
2. It is said that leadership has nothing to do with the designation. A person sitting on the top level does not necessarily demonstrate leadership skills whereas his subordinate can possess immense leadership skills & qualities. In order to support the statement discuss the qualities / skills required to be a leader (10 Marks)
3. Ananya & Rick work in the same organization and in the same designation. Both have joined at the same time and have similar work experience. Later Rick came to know that he was paid less salary than Ananya, knowing that he started dumping his work on her desk and behaved in a very unpleasant manner with her. The conflict which was between them could be sensed by the entire team. Ananya came to know the reason from one of the Rick s close associate. She is now thinking about the methods through which she can resolve the conflict.
a. What kind of conflict was between Ananya & Rick. Discuss the same with suitable concepts & reasons. (5 Marks)
b. How can the conflict be resolved or managed by Ananya. Discuss (5 Marks)

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NMIMS Global Access
Business Law
1. Miss Priya sold gold jewellery to Mr. Ravil worth 6 Lacs and received a cheque for the full amount . On presentment, the cheque was dishonoured by the bank. Thus , Miss Priya is an unpaid seller. As an unpaid seller what are the rights of Priya against the goods and against Mr Ravil.
(Explain any of the five rights + five examples) (10 Marks)
2. Alfa enters into a contract to sale 200 bags of wheat Mr. Gamma at a price of Rs 20000. In every contract there are certain conditions & warranties .Such conditions & warranties can be express as well as some times are implied. State any of the five conditions which are implied in every contract of sale of good unless the circumstances of the contract show a different intention. (10 Marks)
3. Amman, Namman , Dhavaan , are three friends just passed their BBA exams now , they are planning to start a new business . Amman, Namman are interested to start the business in the form of partnership firm but Dhavaan suggests that they should start as a company. Amman, Namman consulted with some of their seniors and come to a conclusion that it s better to start with a partnership firm keeping all the factors in mind.
a. Suggest certain points which can differentiate between the two form of business that is partnership and company and on the basis of such points give the conclusion that it s better to start as a partnership firm. (5 Marks)
b. Suppose, Namman also agrees, that let s start with the partnership firm and design the partnership deed first , what should be the various clauses that should be incorporated in the partnership deed by them. (5 Marks)
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Business Statistics
1. Differentiate between correlation and regression. Explain with suitable example using data. (10 Marks)
2. You want to find a measure of central tendency for income of persons who have boarded a particular train on a particular date at the originating station. What measure will you use and why? What measure will you choose for dispersion and why? (10 marks)
3 A) Distinguish between independence of events and mutual exclusivity of events with the help of example. (5 marks)
3 B) In how many ways can the letters of the word MADAM be rearranged? (5 marks)

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Course: Essentials of HRM
1. Imagine you to be a training manager of a retail firm. Off late there a lot of absenteeism and turnover of employees taking place. You need to develop a training programme for the employees. Discuss all the necessary steps required for a training process. (10 Marks)
2. Siya works in a management consultancy which still is using the old performance appraisal methods like Checklist method and critical incident method. She is asked to present some future oriented appraisal methods. Which all methods can she propose? Discuss any two. (10 Marks)
3. Rakesh has joined an MNC as an HR Head. After completion of a month he feels that not much is done by the organization to develop the knowledge, skills & attitude of the employees, because of which the employees performance is not good, career are in stagnancy etc. He feels the need to have HRD but for that he has to convince the management.
a. What all reasons Rakesh can give as the need for HRD? (5 Marks)
b. Which could be the type of HRD system that can be implemented in Rakesh s Organisation? Critically discuss. (5 Marks)

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Course: Financial Accounting and Analysis
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2016 Examination
Assignment Marks: 30
Q 1) Following information is available in respect of Hardin Demand Ltd. Prepare Cash flow statement As per AS-3. (10 Marks)
Net profit for the year 5,50,000
Depreciation 1,00,000
Loss on sale of machinery 50,000
Decrease in stock 60,000
Increase in creditors 70,000
Repayment of short term loan 1,00,000
Purchase of building 5,00,000
Sale of machinery 1,50,000
Interest received 26,000
Loan taken for five year period 8,45,000
Interest paid 45,000

Q 2) Apra Limited is a retailer of plastic jugs. It has several retail stores across the nation. Each city has more than one retail store and has a central warehouse, from where the goods are delivered to each retail store of the city, as and when order is placed by the city s store on the city s central warehouse .Apra Limited seeks your advice on how to calculate the cost of inventories in different stores as on Balance sheet date. For one of the fast moving item, am in the inventory, he provides with the following detail- (10 Marks)
Particulars Rs
Average Administrative cost per unit 10
Average purchase price per unit 150
Average transportation cost per unit charged by the supplier 5
Average lease rent (of the retail store )per unit 8
Average transportation cost per unit charged by the local transporter for transporting the goods from the city s central warehouse 7
Average cost per unit to deliver the unit to the customer 2
Advise Apra Limited on what cost should be included in the cost of the item to be used as for the valuation of the stock held as on the balance sheet date.
Q 3) Suppose you are one of the investors interested in knowing the performance of P & G. Discuss,
a) The ratios which will you study to analyse the financial position and performance of the company. (5 Marks)
b) Suppose, if you don t perform the ratio analysis exercise what can be the consequences. (5 Marks)
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Course: Marketing Management

1. Write the major elements of Promotion Mix to promote a newly launched ice cream Yummy in the Indian Market. Explain all the elements in detail so that the awareness and sales increases for the Brand. (10 Marks)
2. Assume you are the Marketing Manager of a company Keep Talking which manufactures the mobile in Indian Market. Currently the company holds a good market share in smart phone category. You are of a belief that the company should launch some new tablets. What steps you would follow to launch the new product (tablet) in the market? (10 Marks)
3. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation plays a very important role in the success of any product.
a) Critically evaluate the market segments for Apple, Micromax and Samsung in India. (5 Marks)
b) Critically evaluate the positioning and differentiation strategy for Micromax, Samsung, Lenovo and Apple in India. (5 Marks)

Course: Strategic Management

1. If your Company has decided to enter a highly competitive market, as the strategic manager of a product, what challenges you will face to establish your product/service in that market? (10 Marks)
2. Briefly explain the Strategic Management Process in your organization. Explain any incident when your organization has made strategic decision due to competition faced in the market. (10 Marks)
3. Recently an Auto mobile company was charged for flouting environment norms. What will be your strategy as a CEO for the following:
a. How to handle the crisis as person on a strategic position. (5 Marks)
b. What long term strategic changes will you like to bring in your company, from the learning from the incident (5 Marks)

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Course: Consumer Behaviour

1. Indian FMCG company having good range of well established brands in India, decided to launch packaged different fruit juices in Indian market, you as a brand manager, help the company in deciding the process of segmentation to launch branded fruit juice in Indian market. (10 Marks)
2. One of the American Fast Food chain company showing interest in entering Indian market, you as their head of marketing help them in the process of entering Indian market looking into Indian culture. You need to responds to this question with specific points, keeping in mind Indian consumers and their culture. (10 Marks)
3. One of the largest international brand of Ice cream company interested in entering Indian market, you as a head of Marketing prepare:
a) What kind of market research you would like to conduct and why? Give your logical explanation (5 Marks)
b) Prepare an questionnaire to conduct market survey to gather primary data from the market (5 Marks)
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Course: Corporate Finance

1. Your company wants to take benefit of a sudden opportunity to make additional revenue. Your company wants 50 Lacs for the same. MrB, the finance manager of the corporate suggests that it is better to arrange finance from short term sources rather than from long term sources . State the short term sources of finance available in the market for arranding the fund (10 Marks)
2. P Ltd is a company manufacturing water purifiers The annual demand for the product in the India market is 250000 units. The cost of holding per unit of water purifier is Rs100. Also the ordering cost per order is Rs 500. (10 Marks)
a. EOQ
b. Total Ordering Cost p.a
Q 3) The Capital structure of Alfa brothers Ltd, is as under
Equity share capital 100 Lacs
10% Debentures 50 Lacs

The sales for the year 2015 are 1 Lac units@ Rs 50p.u
Also , the variable cost p.u is 20 % of sales
Rs15 Lacs is the fixed operating cost .
Given the Income tax rate as 40 %
Calculate the
a) Financial Leverage (5 Marks )
b) Combined leverages (5 Marks )

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Course: International Business
1. On what parameters will your company decide, which market to enter, for your product or services? What are the Entry Modes which will be considered for making Entry Strategy in a particular country? (10 Marks)
2. Explain why Procurement is a crucial decision in International Business strategy? According to you which is a better strategy Buying Or Making- and why? Explain with examples. (10 Marks)
3. If your Company decide to go for Strategic Alliance with overseas company, what
precautions you will take related to:
(a) Your Strategic Partner. (5 Marks)
(b) Your Long Term Strategy Plan. (5 Marks)
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Course: Operations Management
1. Discuss the various Legal and Environmental Issues faced by the well-known Tata Motors with reference to their plant set up in West Bengal. What Tata Motors or any such company should have done to avoid such issues. (10 marks)
2. Discuss in brief the various technique to achieve Total Quality management. Also discuss how will the concepts of Six Sigma and 5-S methodology be applicable and implemented in a Hospital/ Medical facility. Discuss with an example if any possible. (10 marks)
3. ABC Ltd is a startup venture by a few young entrepreneurs. They want to start a mobile food van to be located outside/ near a school/ college. They have decided to start the setup in a customized vehicle of a size similar to that of a mini truck. As a management consultant, please advice them on the following queries that they have.
a) What should be their typical menu on offer be? Give reasons. (Consider that the items on offer should not be too many considering that only 3-4 people will be managing the business). Give an approximate bill of material for the items listed on the menu. (5 marks)
b) Should they be offering the item with an option of (i) being served on the spot and/ or
(ii) in pre-packed form and also at what times would the same be on offer. Discuss this with reference to any inventory model concept that you must have studied. (5 marks)

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Course: Organisational Theory, structure & Design
1. Culture is said to be the essence of an organisation and it (culture) is established in different levels. In order to understand the culture of any organisation we should be well aware of the levels of the Organisational culture. Discuss the cognitive levels of the organizational culture to validate the statement. (10 Marks)
2. Ram joined the purchase department of a construction firm in 2000 when all the operations were done manually. Now the company is adopting a new software which will ease the process, save time and reduce errors. Ram is resistant of using new software for the purchase department, he finds it to be a hassle. Discuss in detail what could be the probable reasons of Ram s resistance to change? (10 Marks)
3. Organizations are often compared to a system since here also we have different components who are some way or the other related to each other and in order to achieve organisation s objective they have to interact. Based on this statement discuss
a. The different components of the organization (5 Marks)
b. The elements of Ms. Kinsey s 7 S framework (5 Marks)

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Course: Taxation Direct & Indirect

1. Mr A suffered heavy losses in the previous year under the head of Business profession as well as in the share market. As a consultant, advise him the process of Carry Forward and Set Off of Losses in Subsequent years. (10 Marks)
2. As a tax advisor, explain the various exemptions available to Salaried Individual u/s 10 of the Income Tax Act. (10 Marks)
3. Solve the following:
a. Rajesh a British National is a Resident & Ordinary resident in India during the previous year 2013 -14. He owns a house in London, which he has let out at 10000 GBP per month. The municipal taxes paid to the Municipal Corporation is 8000 GBP during the previous year 2013-14. The value of one GBP in Indian Rupees to be taken is 82.50.
Compute the taxable Income of Rajesh for Assessment year 2014-15 (5 Marks)
b. The definition of capital asset does not include the stock in trade, personal effects of movable nature, agriculture land situated in any part of India . What is your opinion on the above mentioned statement? Elaborate. (5 Marks)
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Course: Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
1. Mr. Abhay Sharma, M.D. Fresh Drinks Ltd., was looking at the AD Punchline created by his product manager Robin Singh. He was taken aback by the claim that their new product Vital-mix energy drink is The finest fitness plan for health real fruit and no sugar. Robin Singh, the product manager, was little uneasy when asked by his M.D. as to how we can claim Finest health plan drink when they know that there are preservatives and permissive food colours. Robin defended by saying that all cream and cosmetics advertisements, also make similar claims as a way of communicating dominance of their brands. What ethical advice you will give to Mr. Abhay Sharma to develop a persuasive advertisement, without compromising on the ethical aspects of commercial advertising? (10 Marks)
2. Avantika, a top graduate from Georgetown in Social Sciences, has applied to Swirl Shades Ltd. for a management position. The CEO was questioned by other panel members after the interview regarding the necessity to hire Avantika, as she is a black woman with unpleasant personality. But because of her outstanding academic records, the CEO wants to select her. Do you think it is ethical to hire Avantika? Why or Why not? (10 Marks)
3. Rohit Taneja was a human resource manager reporting to the President of Human Resource Management, of a multinational company. One of his tasks was to administer the psychometric test and maintain the assessment profiles of all senior executives. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors decided to start the succession planning process and hence requested for a summarized profile on each senior executive. Rohit Taneja asked the consulting firm who had carried out the original assessment to prepare the summary as it would help to avoid misinterpretation. The consulting firm prepared the summaries and sent them to the President of Human Resource Management for review. The president handed them to Rohit Taneja, who was to compile and prepare the final report for the Executive Committee. But, the next week, some revised summaries came from the President. He had made major changes to the consultants summaries. On one summary, for example, the President had altered high potential to low potential . Rohit was shocked at the changes. The modifications violated his sense of ethics, but he was frightened that by questioning them, his job and future can get in trouble.
a) What would you have done if you were Rohit? Why? (5 Marks)
b) If the employees get to know about the entire case what would be its impact on the organization and its employees? (5 Marks)
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Course: Financial Institutions & Markets
1. India is poised for a steady growth. The new government has introduced many new initiatives in order to put India on the world map. Please discuss in detail as to what these new initiatives are and what is their impact on Indian financial system? (10 Marks)
2. Describe the various methods of issuing securities in the Primary Market. Please throw light on the role of Primary Market. (10 Marks)
3 A) Mr. Bhaskar is an investor. It is important for investors to understand the prospects for interest rate moves because as an investor he values a lot his investments. What are the factors that affects interest rates? (5 Marks)
3 B) M & A Ltd wants to invest in the derivative market. Discuss about derivatives and the characteristics of Derivatives? (5 Marks)

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Course: Marketing Research
1. You want to understand the customer s experience in a hotel and want to use qualitative research methodology. Explain any four methods available for qualitative research. (10 marks)
2. A company is planning to do research on new deodorant targeting youth. They want you to do the sampling of under-graduate students in Mumbai. How will you ensure randomness in the process of sampling? (10 marks)
3. You want to know whether the demand of a particular model of shampoo brand is dependent on age and/or income.
a. Design a suitable questionnaire. (5 marks)
b. Justify the categories in age and income. (5 marks)

Course: Project Management
1. As the Beagle Probe Mars probe, designed jointly by the European Space Agency and British national Space Center, headed to Mars in December of 2003, contact was lost and it was never heard from again. In retrospect, it appears that inadequate project planning and re-planning was to blame. Excessive pressure on time, cost and weight compromised the mission right from the start. With insufficient public funding, the design team had to spend much of their time raising private funds instead of addressing difficult technical issues. In addition, late changes forced the team to reduce the Beagles weight from 238 pounds to 132 pounds! And when three airbags failed to work properly in testing, a parachute design was submitted but inadequately tested due to lack of time. A review commission recommended that in the future: requisite financing to be available at the outset of a project, formal project reviews be conducted on a regular basis, milestones should be established where all stakeholders reconsider the project, expectations of potential failure should be included in the funding consideration, robust safety margins should be included for uncertainties. What should the project manager have done about the challenges facing the project? (10 marks)
2. Describe all the phases of project lifecycle with a suitable example. (10 marks)
3. Colin Shaw has been tapped to be an accounting project manager for the second time this year. Although he enjoys the challenges and opportunity for personal development afforded to him as a project manager, he dreads the interpersonal problems associated with the position. Sometimes he feels like a glorified personal baby-sitter handing out assignments, checking on progress and making sure everyone is doing on her fair share. Recently Colin read an article that recommended a very different approach for project managers in the supervising and controlling team members. Colin thought this was a useful idea and decided to try it out on his next project. The project in question involved making a decision to implement an activity based costing (ABC) system throughout the organization. Colin had once been a manager in charge of implementing a process costing system in the same division, so he felt very comfortable about his ability to lead the team and resolve this question. He defined the objective of the project and detailed all the major tasks involved, as well as most of the subtasks. By the time the first meeting of the project took place, Colin felt more secure about the control and direction of the project than he had at the beginning of any of this previous projects. He had specifically defined the objectives and tasks for each team member and had assigned completion date for each task. He had even made up individual contracts for each team member to sign as an indication of their commitment to completion of the assigned tasks as per schedule dates. The meeting went very smoothly, with almost no comments from team members. Everyone picked up a copy of his or her contract and went off to work on the project. Colin was ecstatic about the success of the project.
a. Do you think Colin would feel the same way six weeks from now? Justify your answer. (5 Marks)
b. Compare his approach with the previous one. (5 Marks)
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Course: Services Marketing
Q1] An internationally acclaimed Salon has set up its services at the well-known 5-star hotel and has been operating for the past six months satisfactorily. It offers basic salon services to both male and female clients in separate sections. It has a steady flow of regular customers, walk-ins, hotel guests and special customers. It now wants to develop and design, new offerings adding to the basic services it offers. These new services that are to be added will have to be tailor made to suit the weather, skin type, hair type etc. To create the new offering the team comprises of marketing manager (that is you), a financial manager and an aesthetician. What will be your suggestions to create the service concept and package besides blue printing the service offering? {10 Marks}
Q2] Bakers-Inn has been recently started by a graduate chef. It bakes assorted cakes. The array of goodies it offers is assorted cakes, seasonal cakes and assorted breads n pizzas . On some days the owner found that certain products sold more while during certain months seasonal products sales were high. While, some festive months egg products sold more and few days eggless products were purchased more. As a student of marketing how will you streamline (a) the demand and supply mismatch (b) manage capacity of cakes, seasonal cakes and breads n pizzas, put in order the systems and process while doing this crafting a service environment for the products of Bakers-Inn ? {10 marks}
Q3. Caselet
The real estate road has been dimly lit for the past year. One look at the real estate report shows statistics or number don t lie. The demand for housing has seen a dip and the sector has sluggish sales.
The sector is plagued with number of challenges such as, raising funds for real estate project s, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI s) has seen a decrease in last financial year. Input cost have risen due to inflation, financing cost had increased for developers hence prices have gone above buyer s range resulting number of unsold units, wide gap in demand and supply for economically affordable homes. The industry needs to have a look beyond the IT and ITES sector for commercial office spaces, speculation in land and property prices, land encroachment, lack of regulations combined with lack of transparency adding to the growing concerns. The value chain of this sector is spread over 3 to 5 years and four components such as conceptualisation, planning & design, development and handover and maintenance. As said, 3 to 5 years depending on size, scale, location and type of development.The strength of the sector is in its transformation of urban landscape, growth of sector thereby supporting high economic growth, regulatory and tax reforms, rising disposable incomes and urbanization. The growth of the sector will bring visible transformation like increased scale, development of new operating models (leasing and rentals), introducing corporate, new regulations, advancement in technology and newer funding sources as well as new product offering.
Along with the strengths and challenges the builders and realtors have to grapple with the expectations of the stakeholders and government. In view this, discuss and debate on
Q3 (i) As a part of the Builders Marketing Team discuss the financial scenario of Real Estate sector/industry? (5marks)
Q3 (ii) From the perspective of international realtors gauge the economic scenario of the Indian Real Estate sector? (5marks)

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